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New Zealand society of Diversional Therapists national Conference


Keynote Speakers:  

Sharon Brandford

Sponsor of the IHC Successful Ageing project and encouragement of DT qualification within IHC. 

Beth McDougall

Beth trained as a Registered Nurse and has spent all of her career working in Aged Care, currently is the 

Dementia Care Advisor for Bupa NZ. Beth is committed to ensuring that residents with dementia are 

afforded the respect and dignity in caring for them with ‘Person First, Dementia Second’. This session will 

look at practical ideas to keep residents busy and happy, using a ‘problem solving’ approach to behaviour 

that can challenge and result in care without chemical or physical restraint 

Suzanne Prentice OBE 

Motivational speaker Suzanne Prentice started her career with simple country songs and is truly a class act, 

the consummate professional. Suzanne began her career at the age of 12. She first appeared on Television 

with a talent show called, ‘New Faces’ on which she sang her well-loved song, ‘Funny Face’. A few months 

later her debut album went gold within two weeks. Suzanne was an elected member of the Invercargill 

Licensing Trust for two terms, both times being the top polling candidate. Home town is Invercargill and is 

truly an international star who still recognises, acknowledges and honours her roots.

The workshops include presentations from…

Des Collins has been involved as a teacher and mentor in music for over 40 years, he is currently the Ø

leader of "Pic’n’mix," a ukulele group that regularly plays in retirement homes and music festivals. He uses 

a sequential programme to teach the uke and can teach therapists to play the four chords that enable 

them to create sing-a-long with their clients in one session. At his entertaining workshops, participants can 

bring their own ukes or use ones supplied. Each participant will be given a booklet of usable songs. 

Noreen McLoughlin As an independent consultant, Noreen has worked with NZQA and international Ø

nurses’ educational programmes and still works for the Nursing Council of New Zealand as an independent 

competence assessor. Noreen is passionate about recognising and respecting the contributions of all 

members of the multi-disciplinary health care teams and their inter-dependent roles in promoting holistic 

quality of life outcomes for consumers. She is also passionate about growing professional development 

and role validity in all scopes of practice. 

In the Pearl of the South Logo the Oyster represents our Support Group and the Pearl represents our members.



Mary Gracie 




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