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Anna Jarvis creator of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day – Finding the ideal present – Bingo!

Mother’s Day is upon us again.  I always seem to have a problem remembering whether it is the first Sunday in May or the second.  Inevitably the advertising on TV starts bombarding me so I’m set straight as to which day to aim for.  Did you know that Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis, an American, over a century ago in remembrance of her mother.  Her mother had prayed for a memorial day for mothers and after her mothers death in May 1905 she held a memorial for her mother and her good deeds.  The next year, she again held a memorial service, and gave away carnations, her mother’s favourite flower. Red and pink carnations were to be worn for living mothers, and white for those who had passed away.  Fast forward to 1914 and after raising awareness and support for a memorial day for mothers President Wilson declared the second Sunday in May “Mother’s Day.”  So that is how Mother’s day came about.  Many other cultures honour their mother through various celebrations.

While Some might see this day as a commercial activity to generate more income for retailers. For me it is a reminder of one of the most important people in my life, my mum!

My mum is a Great Grandmother so she is lucky to have not only 6 grandchildren but also a beautiful great-grandson.  Like most grandmothers she has all that she needs and while she appreciates any gift we give her, she appreciates the time spent together more.  So this year I’ve decided to find a present that blends spending time together with a fun experience.  With that goal set, I have been on the hunt for an activity that we can do together.  Something that won’t break the bank.  Last year I took her out for ‘high tea’.  We went to a local café / restaurant which served the old fashioned afternoon teas.  You know the ones, with a pot of tea, fine china cups as well as one of those beautiful 3 tiered plates with lots of tiny treats.  I didn’t know that they could make cucumber sandwiches so small!  It was a stunning autumn day and we got to play ladies, have some yummy treats and then leave without having to do the dishes.  It was great and she really enjoyed it.

So this year I thought I’d go for something that was entertaining.  So where do you look for something a little different?   Of course this all depends on what interests your mum.  Whether she enjoys music, theatre, a meal out, sport, dance etc will give you a place to start.  If she is up for something different and giving something new a go then anything is possible. I let my fingers do the walking so my first point of call was uncle Google.  Given that I live in Christchurch I put in a simple search ‘events in Christchurch may 2016’.  The results provided a range of websites which specialise in providing information of what’s going on in and around Christchurch.  Local City Councils often have pages on their websites promoting local events, both free and paid. If you have a conference facility, sports arena, or entertainment facility in your region they will promote upcoming events so that you can get tickets early.  Add local theatre or schools to your list and you will be surprised what you come up with.

So here are some of the places that I researched, you may find some ideas for yourself amongst them.





This Friday I have a mother’s day breakfast invitation from my grandson.  His school is hosting a mother’s day breakfast for mothers, grandmothers or that someone special.  It does mean we have to be at school by 7:30 am, but we get to have bacon, eggs, juice or cereal.  Plus he gets to show me all those special places he plays as well as his artwork and stories he has written.  He loves to show me around and the joy on his face that his Nan is having breakfast at school with him is worth a million dollars.

Another source of inspiration is any of the charities you support.  If you are on their mailing list they will send you invitations ahead of time or a quick search of their website or events on their Facebook page may provide you with options.  In my case I support the Home and Family Society  Christchurch.  It just happens that they have two events coming up.

Bingo on Friday and a Dancing with the Stars fundraiser in June.  I’ve never been to Bingo before and neither has my mum.  This is not your usual Bingo though, there are two ladies Ethel and Bethel (not their real names) who are going to be dressed up and leading the Bingo session.  Sounds like it will be a great laugh plus we may even come away with a prize.  So I’ve bought the tickets and told my mum we are going to have a girls night out at the Bingo with Ethel and Bethel.  We have already had fun trying to work out how we are going to be marking our winning bingo cards, whether they will give us a special stamp, or whether we have to take little counters or maybe buttons to cover up our winning numbers.

Bingo with Ethel and Bethal

Bingo! – goal achieved, a fun night out doing something together that neither of us have done before, just me and my mum.  Not only have I managed to be a bit creative this year but we also get to help raise funds for a worthy cause.

What ideas do you have for Mother’s Day this Sunday?  Share them by clicking on the ‘leave a comment’ link located under the blog title above.  Maybe we can come up with a list that will give us a head start for our mum’s birthday!








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Cheryl Tovizi
Cheryl Tóvizi is the Digital Strategist for Eldernet. An experienced IT person with a strong desire to help make useful information easy to find. She is also a grandmother raising her grandchild. A lively 8 year old who helps keep her connected to the wonders of the world through the eyes of a child.

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  1. Eleanor Bodger
    Eleanor Bodger

    We had great grandma with 8 great grandchildren and their parents around for a family tea. Everyone contributed to the meal so no-one had the hassle of being in the kitchen all day. The littlies, ranging from 2-10 all made the mums a little bouquet of flowers, gathered from the garden, wrapped tastefully in second time around paper and second time around ribbon. They looked fantastic and the kids of course felt a great sense of accomplishment. The older ones helped the younger ones – so it was an all round family building exercise. A great day for the mums too – no fighting! Poor great grandma had to put up with the riotous carrying on – but she enjoys being part of it and seeing how each child’s skills and abilities are playing out as they grow.

    Lets not forget the aunties, friends and other women who may not have children of their own but who also love and support our children – AND US! Thank you too – happy mother’s day 🙂