Memories from the Garden

I have a strong memory of helping my Grandma in the garden when I was a child. She had a whole flower bed of beautiful pansies of all different colours, they were amazingly bright and colourful, some of them were even stripes of different colours. My favourites were white and purple striped ones. Grandma was very fussy about her flowers, they had to be all in straight rows and evenly spaced.

And Grandad had a vegetable garden at the back and I remember often seeing him out there trying (unsuccessfully) to swat away white butterflies with his hat, while they were trying to eat his lettuces!

My own experience with gardening only goes as far as the occasional potplant, at one point as a teenager I had a cactus collection (including a family of them that had glued on eyes and hats…don’t judge me, haha!). 


What are your favourite memories from the garden? I would love to hear them! Comment below and let me know.


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