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Meal Review: Roast Hogget and Mint Sauce and Rice Pudding

I tried the Roast Hogget and Mint Sauce. It was a great lunch on a chilly day.

First, the meat – the meat was nicely cooked and thankfully not chewy at all (usually my #1 complaint about hogget), the meat was tasty and the mint sauce really complemented the flavours.

The veges were the best part! There was plenty of roast spuds – but also some pumpkin and parsnip! The ratio of roast veges to gravy (very important in my books) was perfect. There were two fresh veges too – silverbeat and carrot. Both still retained some crunch and colour (which can be a real issue when reheating) and ensured that the whole meal had a variety of colours and textures.

If I were to be super fussy my only comment was that there was ‘just enough’ gravy and sauce – I’m not sure for real sauce lovers if this would have been enough. That said, no-one wants a meal swimming in sauce! Perhaps you could purchase extra sauce, if it’s your thing?

Overall, I’d say this meal reminded me of a Sunday dinner at Grandma’s that had been reheated….not quite as good as fresh from the kitchen – but really close! I’d totally eat this again.

Oh, and I also had some rice pudding! YUM – I think it’s pretty hard to mess up a rice pudding and this seemed to be the case here. I ate mine cold (cost that’s how I prefer it!) and it had a really nice apricot glaze/sauce. It was a generous portion (I ate half of the provided 2 part pack) and it was easily enough to satisfy my mid-morning sugar low and kept me going (with no lunch) until the 3pm school pickup. Totally recommend.

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