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Meal Review: MADE by My Food Bag

We were kindly given a number of ready made meals by MADE by My Food Bag to try and review. Take a read and find out what our team thought of the meals:


Asian Braised Beef – I re-heated this meal after it had been frozen, so I imagine it would be even better when reheated fresh. The gravy was really tasty and there was plenty of it! There were some chunks of veges (carrot), but there was not a lot of them, so I almost wondered if they’d fallen in by accident. The beef itself was variable in quality – but to be honest this is what I’d expect in an authentic Asian dish, so I wasn’t worried. All the meat was tender. The rice was mixed with finely chopped broccoli – I thought this worked well – it probably lowered the cabs in the meal and made the rice tastier. Overall I really enjoyed this. It was too filling for lunch (which was when I ate it) – but I scoffed it all anyhow! 7/10

Chicken Korma with supergreens – this was the first meal I ate – and I was really impressed. There was big chunky of nicely cooked chicken (not too dry) and the sauce was really tasty – a little bit of ‘a kick’ but suitable for all palettes, I’d think. The supergreens (in place of the rice) were amazing! I’d love to be able to purchase this in supermarkets as a lower carb option. I love my veges anyhow, so this was always going to be a winner for me. This one came with a packet of yoghurt to add after the meal was reheated and this was essential and really pulled the whole meal together. I would happily eat this once a week. 8.5/10

Overall: I thought the portion sizes were really good. Probably a bit too much for lunch, but perfect for dinner. The meals, most importantly, looked appealing! Lots of bright colour and attractive packaging. I struck a problem with one of mine where the sauce sachet was fused to the external packaging and made it a little more difficult to remove prior to heating. The timings on the meals was perfect – meals were fully heated through and not at all overcooked after the stated times on the packet. I also like the easy to read nutritional information and the clearly market options that had lower calories.

Sam (a lucky contractor who was in the office installing equipment when the meals arrived)

Asian Braised Beef – The beef was very nice. I thought there was too much sauce and the carrots were too chunky for my preference. I also thought that the seal needs a bigger ‘pull’ tab.


Chicken Korma on Super Greens – This was a delicious meal. The packaging was easy to open and there were clear instructions for heating the food. The chicken was lovely and tender, with a lovely level of spice and flavor. The Super Greens were a very nice alternative to rice, making it a healthier choice. It was hard to believe I was eating a ready-made meal. I would definitely order this product in the future.

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