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Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox co-lead the Maori Party in this year’s election. The Māori Party is born of the dreams and aspirations of tangata whenua to achieve selfdetermination for whānau, hapū and iwi within their own land; to speak with a strong, independent and united voice; and to live according to kaupapa handed down by our ancestors.


The Māori Party has always advocated lowering the age of entitlement to New Zealand superannuation to 60 years for groups whose life expectancy is lower than average. A lower entitlement age will allow more equitable uptake of New Zealand superannuation for all citizens. All those who reach a certain asset threshold will be mean-tested.


The Māori Party wants a Minister for Māori and Pacific Housing so work to address the huge challenges whanau / fanau / ainga face, from homelessness to home ownership, can be prioritised.  They will develop a National Housing Strategy taking into account the specific rights and interests of Māori under Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Also, they want to establish a Housing Sector Committee within the first 3 months of the next Parliament to co-design a 25-year government enabled housing strategy that addresses the entire housing crisis.

The Māori Party will also look at enacting an annual power rebate for low-income whānau; installation of low cost heating and insulating 10,000 low-income homes per year including rental properties. They will enforce compulsory annual warrant of fitness for all rental homes and improve the rights of renters.


They will introduce a Cross-Government Accord (a ‘wellbeing framework’) to keep whānau free from all forms of violence; including physical, economic, sexual and racist including prevention of elder abuse and neglect.

The Māori Party will advance the ‘Be Accessible’ initiative and the New Zealand Disability Strategy to achieve a fully inclusive society.

  • We will establish a national Māori advocacy service.
  • We will extend individualised funding; and promote the Circle of Friends to enable disabled persons to live the life they wish.
  • Establish an annual Disability Employment Summit.
  • We will individualise the resource for Day Services so that families can plan better to meet the needs.

They will aim to introduce free annual medical and dental visit for over 55. Also, increase in the number of mobile health clinics in rural communities.


The Māori Party will send migrants to the regions as unpaid interns. They will get hosted by locals for free. Skilled migrants, like doctors will get a 2 year visa to train young New Zealanders in the regions. The Maori Party believes this will create work for young New Zealanders, which will result in less crime and a stronger economy.

The Māori Party will introduce compulsory courses on the Treaty of Waitangi for citizenship hopefuls.

Aged Care:

The Māori Party will review the work conditions, pay and training opportunities for those working in the elderly, disability and home care sector.

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