Making homes violence free

Liam Butler interviews Zaif Khan Community Trainer Shine: Making homes violence free


What are some of the services that Shine can offer to older people who are abusive towards family members?

Zaif Khan Community Trainer Shine-making homes violence free: 

Attending a stopping violence programme has helped a lot of men change their lives. This programme is effective for those who take the responsibility for their behaviour and are willing to make a change.

Shine offers the No Excuses stopping violence programme and this programme strives to provide a welcoming and engaging atmosphere where men from all walks of life and age groups can talk openly with other men and facilitators about their use of abuse and violence.  These  group programmes are provided  in Auckland.

Men can ring the  Helpline 0508-744-633 to find a programme near them.  People who have been violent or abusive towards their partners or family members and want to make a change can also ring the Helpline.

1 in 3 NZ women is a victim of domestic abuse. 1 woman is killed every 3.5 weeks by her partner or ex-partner. NZ Police attend a domestic abuse callout every 6 minutes.

Shine saves lives by supporting thousands of victims of domestic abuse every year to be safe. We provide a range of support services for victims at high fatality risk — regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability or disability, sexual orientation or lifestyle — as well as a positive-change programme for offenders. We help women, children and men get out of the cycle of domestic abuse and give them hope for a better, safer future.

Shine believes that working in a multi-agency partnership is the most effective way to approach the issue of older people being abused or becoming abusive in family violence related cases. Shine has been working in an advisory role with Aged Concern and the Auckland District Health Board to develop policies and procedures to address family violence in older people’s lives.


Each year, Shine delivers a range of professional training programmes on domestic abuse to health professionals, midwives, and social and community workers across the country. Most of our longer training sessions teach professionals the theory and practical skills they need to recognise signs of domestic abuse, respond safely and appropriately, and refer to specialist organisations like Shine.

Shine’s services include:

Free Helpline – 0508-744-633

Shine operates a free confidential phone line 7 days a week, from 9am to 11pm. Victims or concerned family members can ring the helpline free of charge from any phone anywhere in New Zealand to speak to an advocate. They will be provided with support, information, advice and referrals.


KIDshine is a free, structured and practical intervention service for children who witness domestic abuse. It is offered to families in their homes and at times convenient to them. Research shows that children exposed to domestic abuse suffer similar long-term negative effects as children who are direct targets of physical abuse. Shine advocates use age-appropriate methods to help the child(ren) understand what has happened, ensure that they do not feel responsible, know what to do if in danger in future, help them start healing and help them focus better at school.

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