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Launch of the new Foodswitch app

 Given it is coming close to the festive season I thought I focus on food!Food is something that figures large in my life- I enjoy it and also as a mother of four young children I am always concerned about the content of their lunchboxes and what snack foods we have in the pantry. Then in my role at Bupa there is also a focus on food- for our residents it is very important to have "good tasty food" that is nutritious and promotes health.

 With the myriad of packaged foods on supermarket shelves, I believe I’m not alone in the feeling of bewilderment when making the healthy choices for my family old or young. That’s why when the opportunity came for Bupa to partner with The University of Auckland food researchers on a smartphone app that could take all the hassle out of the process I got very excited.

 The revolutionary smartphone app designed to empower New Zealand shoppers to make healthier food choices – reducing their risk of dying early from two of the nation’s biggest killers, heart attack and stroke was launched a few months ago to rave reviews.

 In three easy steps, New Zealand consumers can reduce excessively high levels of fat, salt and sugar in their families’ diets and share shopping lists with friends via social media. And most importantly all at no cost. The app is free.

 The release of FoodSwitch New Zealand is the result of several years of research by pre-eminent food and health policy experts from The George Institute and The University of Auckland.

 FoodSwitch allows users to scan the barcode of packaged foods using their Smartphone camera and receive immediate, easy to understand nutritional advice and see healthier choices.

 Since the launch over 29,000 New Zealanders have downloaded the app and are using it to make healthier choices. At the same time people are sending in photos of new products that they want included on the app, as a result over 4000 new products have been added to the FoodSwitch catalogue of products.

With the holiday season fast approaching I see this smartphone app a helpful tool to help make those decisions of what packaged to take on holiday or keep in the pantry a lot easier. It may be one thing that can keep away some of those unwanted festive added kilos!

Wishing you all, young or old a very happy and healthy Christmas.

Grainne Moss

 FoodSwitch is available on iOS and Android smartphones, and can be downloaded for free on the New Zealand Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, or via the app store on their device.


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Grainne Moss
Gráinne Moss is the Managing Director for Bupa Care Services New Zealand. Helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. Passionate Irish Kiwi, open water swimmer, mother of 4, diversity and opportunity champion.