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New Zealand Police wants to make New Zealand the safest country for Kiwis and visitors alike, and being accessible and available is a key part of this. Yet we know we haven’t always been easy to get hold of in non-emergency situations.

That’s why, on 10 May 2019 we launched a new Police non-emergency number, 105 (“ten five”), which sits alongside the 111 Emergency Services number.

Now the public can call 105 or go online to to report non-emergencies like:

  • Lost property
  • Theft in a public place or from a car
  • Intentional property damage
  • Shoplifting
  • To update or add something to a report










You can use 105 to report non-emergency situations, such as when your car has been stolen, your property has been damaged, or you want to give police information about crime in your area. The key message is that if it’s happening now or just happened and there’s a threat to life or property, call 111; if it’s already happened and there’s no immediate danger, call 105.

105 is a national non-emergency number that will be answered 24/7 by Police. The call taker will work to resolve the matter, which might include putting the caller through to their local station. Both 111 for emergencies and 105 for non-emergencies are staffed with highly trained people who can help callers with their specific issues.

You can also go online (using encourages people reporting these types of events to go online in the first instance. You can also go online ( for general advice and queries.

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    car broken in to on Jackson street by Fitzherbert street Friday 16/8/19 between 5 pm and 6.20pm
    lost radar, gym bag, sunglasses, lotto tickets, lap top