If bursts of colour are what you are looking for, you can never go wrong with kalanchoes.

Indoor flowers bring colour and calm

Going floral is a growing trend in interior décor, and there is no better way to bring the trend to life than with indoor flowers. Besides enhancing the beauty of a space, they clean the air and help you feel calm and relaxed. Caring for them is even more rewarding – there is the joy that comes with nurturing a plant and seeing it bloom.

Indoor plants are so easy to care for – keep them away from heating units and air conditioners, wait for the soil to dry before watering them, get to know the amount of sun they need and you are good to go. Here is a list of indoor flowers that will make your home look and feel beautiful.

Peace Lily

If you want an indoor flower that blooms throughout the year, then Peace Lily is your best bet. Peace Lily blooms into bracts that resemble large white flowers. This coupled with its deep green and broad leaves give any room the perfect greenery feeling. This indoor flower is also easy to look after and it is good at indicating exactly what it needs. If you notice the leaves are starting to turn yellow, it is asking for less sun; if the leaves droop, it is the time for some watering.


Cattleyas produce large fragrant flowers in vibrant colours, which is why they are the preferred flower for corsages. Because of its sturdiness, this indoor flower is the best choice for beginners as well as those who regularly forget to care about plants. Water them when dry and never let them sit in water. Bright but indirect light will ensure they bloom properly.

If your house doesn’t receive enough sunlight, choose quality grow lights for your cattleyas. Quality grow lights imitate the full spectrum of the sun.


If bursts of colour are what you are looking for, you can never go wrong with kalanchoes. This indoor flower is characterised by succulent leaves and a bouquet of pink, yellow, white or red flowers. The flowers bloom for a long time so you are assured of a longer colourful accent in your home. Ensure your kalanchoes get enough light, otherwise they will start looking thin and leggy. When it comes to watering, only do it when the soil is dry to touch. After allowing them to absorb the water, remove them and let them drain on the counter under your kitchen cabinets before placing them back. Overwatering or letting the plant sit in water will only kill it.


Begonias are striking and beautiful, and bring out the beauty of windowsills in any room. These indoor flowers come in different varieties and are well known for their beautiful leaves in mixes of colour. They are easy to plant and care for. They require high humidity to grow and thus are likely to do better in the kitchen or bathroom. Begonias are prone to root rot, which is why you should not overwater them. Only water them when the soil feels dry or when you notice the leaves are drooping.

Brazilian Fireworks

If you are looking for a flower that will make you long for a fireworks display, this is it. As the name suggests, this indoor flower has variegated leaves with a combination of pink and purple flowers. This bold floral accent makes it a beautiful décor addition to any room in your home. It blooms well in bright indirect light. The soil should remain moist and never soggy. It also needs humidity; so be sure to move it to the bathroom or kitchen once or twice a month.

African Violets

These bloom into delicate little flowers of purple, pink and white that bring life to any dull room. They are very easy to care for and are ideal for anybody, even the most negligent plant parent. Just be sure to water them under the foliage.

Indoor flowers can transform any space with the burst of flowers and fragrance they give. They require little care, which makes them ideal for anybody. There is no excuse for missing out on the benefits of growing an indoor flower. Just know what it needs and remember to regularly offer what it requires.

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