How to make your care home feel more like your home

So you have decided that moving into a care home is the right option for you. Now that you have made the move, There are a few things you can do to help you settle in and make your new home actually feel like that.

The majority of homes will allow you to bring your own furniture with you, so take advantage of this! Personalize your room with your own furniture and sentimental items and bring your own personal flair, even if initially you don’t feel very much like doing this. You will find others respond positively to it too. A personalized room creates a more private ‘feel’ that others tend to respect and this will have a positive effect on you.

Let the staff know your preferences including what things you like, clothing (retain your own style wherever possible), food, interests, even how you like your tea and what name they should call you by. These seemingly little things help staff get to know you and understand you.

There are many positives that you might have not considered about moving into care. For example:

  • There are lots of opportunities to make new friendships, both with other residents and staff.
  • Health conditions may be stabilized or improved, as medical conditions and medication will be monitored and nutritious meals provided. Some homes offer specialized programmes and physiotherapy to help you retain your abilities and sometimes, over time, improve them.
  • New experiences may be possible. The growing number of older people learning to use computers is evidence of this. Some older people even learn these new skills after taking up residency in a home. So being in residential care does not mean that modern technology is beyond your reach. Increasingly, residential care homes are making computer technology available to residents. Even if you can’t, or do not want to use computers yourself, staff will often help you recap the benefits of them. They can do this by sending/receiving emails or setting up skype (‘live video) for you so that you can stay in touch with those who use the internet
  • You shouldn’t have any worries about your general comfort. Your home should be warm, secure and comfortable.
  • You will have no further worries about maintaining your own home
  • Most home provide the opportunity to go on outings and to places such as the local RSA, Senior Citizens, etc. If it has been difficult for you to get out in the past, you will now have assistance to join in
  • The homes will provide a range of activities during the week and some have regular social ‘happy hour’ clubs.

If you are thinking that moving into care may be right for you, click here to find out if there are any residential care vacancies near you!

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  1. If it has been difficult for you to get out in the past, you will now have assistance to join in