How To Feel Less Stressed: Tips To Follow

People of all ages, be it youngsters or elders, feel stressed during their everyday life. Fortunately, you are not stuck here, there is always a way out. Start by thinking of something relaxing and remind yourself that you are deserving of a peaceful life. Relaxation also takes less time than you think. You need to mentally check your body every day to know the effects of stress on your body.

There are some simple ways to do so. You can lie on your back or sit by placing your feet on the floor. Start working on your toes and move up to the scalp and notice how the body feels. Feel for the places that are tight or loose without changing anything. Imagine the breathing flowing to this part and repeat the process till you have checked the body for the sensations. There is no need to visit a retreat or spend the weekend in a spa. All these stress-relieving tips will relieve the stress within a short period.

  1. Meditation

If you can perform meditation even for a few minutes every day it will make you feel less anxious. Researchers believe that daily meditation can lead to positive changes in your brain. It also makes you more resilient to stress. It is easy to perform meditation. Sit with both feet on the floor and close your eyes. Concentrate your attention on a recital that can be either silent or aloud. Using a positive mantra such as “I love myself” goes a long way. Put one hand on the stomach to be in sync with the mantra. This is an effective way to get rid of distracting thoughts and allow yourself some peace of mind.

2. Deep breathing

Take five minutes away from work and concentrate on breathing. Sit straight and close your eyes with a hand placed on the stomach. Inhale air through your nose slowly and feel the breath moving to your head. Reverse this process while exhaling through the mouth. Deep breathing is necessary for feeling calmer, and this is especially relevant for elders.

3.  Reach out to your social network

One of the best ways of handling stress is by getting in touch with your social network. Talk to your friends and family face to face if possible or on the phone. Share the happenings in your life with them. Experience the joy that comes from playing with your grandchildren if you have them. You may get a fresh perspective on life while making a stronger bond with the person.

4. Get moving with exercise

Running does not have to be the only exercise that counts. Any kind of exercises such as walking, yoga, or bicycle riding can ease off anxiety and stress. Exercises instantly make you feel better and are a good chance to relieve your body from stress. You may opt to go for a quick walk around the block, take up walking the stairs both up and down, or even do certain stretching exercises such as shoulder shrugs or head rolls. Cardio such as cycling is the perfect way to get the right amount of adrenaline rush to get you feeling better. If you’re still a beginner with not much energy, you can consider transforming your normal bike into an electric bike, through an e-bike conversion kit. Not only is this a fun project, but will also provide you an effortless ride experience, due to the pedal assisting, provided by the electric engine, which is sustainable too.

5. Listen to music

Various research conducted over time has indicated that listening to soothing music may reduce your level of anxiety. You can create a playlist of nature sounds (such as birds chirping, ocean sound, or bubbling brook) or your favorite songs that will allow you to concentrate on the various instruments, singers, and melodies in the piece. You may blow off steam by dancing to some of the upbeat tunes or by singing loudly in the room. Furthermore, you can even channel your creativity through music, and try producing it by yourself.

6. Decompress by massaging

You may place a wrap around the neck and shoulder area for around ten minutes. Close your eyes and relax your neck, face, back, and upper chest muscles. Take away the wrap and make use of a foam roller or a tennis ball for massaging away all the tension. Put the ball between the wall and your back and lean on the ball. Hold this position of pressure for around 15 seconds. After this, move the tennis ball to another place and apply the pressure again. 


Always maintain a gratitude journal by your bed or in your purse to help you remember the good things in your life. Being grateful for the things you have to repudiate the negative thoughts from your mind. You can use these journals to savor great experiences such as your children smiling and the benefits of good health. Never forget to celebrate different achievements such as getting an award at work. If you start to feel stressed spend some time going through these notes to remind yourself what matters.

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