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Great Gift for Christmas!! Be in To Win!!


www.craigpotton.co.nz $79.99

Book Review by Liam Butler                                                            

 This 2.5kg, 300 page, 340 x 260 mm hardback book is a bold and beautiful tribute to the World of Wearable Art. WearableArt contains over 400 photographs from both the staging of the popular annual show and studio pictures that allow for closer examination of the creative costumes.

 The skill, artistry and flamboyance of the local and international designers who contested at WOW are showcased to such a high standard that you will be mesmerised by the innovativeness and quirkiness of their creations.

 25 years ago Suzie Moncieff ran the first World of Wearable Art competition at an old cottage gallery in Nelson. Dame Suzie pays tribute to the fact that the $1000 prize money for the first WOW competition was gifted by the late Eelco Boswijk one of the founder of Nelson’s fantastic café scene.  WOW has always been important to the Nelson community, be it that it gave the opportunity for school children to get cheap tickets so they could have the thrill of attending a dress rehearsal, or now the chance to take guests to the see the works of art in the dazzling display the at WOW museum.

 Upon reflecting on the essence of WearableArt, which annually draws 50,000 people to Wellington Dame Suzie Moncrieff sums…

 "For me, the joy and energy of wearable art is that it enables designers to see the body as a blank canvas on which they can develop any idea that appeals to them.  The garments do not have to be commercially viable.  They do not have to take themselves seriously.  The only thing they must be is wearable"

 Wearable yes, but undoubtedly part of the fun of this book and the show is witnessing models courageously forgoing their comfort for the sake of art and a great photo. 

 A sample of the extraordinary creations can be seen at http://www.craigpotton.co.nz/assets/Inside-Samples/WearableArt-sample.pdf

 This book has a succinct synopsis of the history of wearable art and the people who make it possible.  Then for 490 pages it is on with the show with vibrant full page photographs of the garments in all their glory. WOW!


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