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The landscape of nursing in New Zealand has changed significantly over the past 25-odd years since I graduated as a Registered Nurse.  We are faced with increasing staffing challenges as we grapple with short, medium and longer term nursing shortages and an aging population with a well documented future demand that might outweigh supply for nurses/clinical health care professionals.  Currently we are seeing an increase in new graduate and overseas trained Nurses seeking entry into our Health service and this is at odds with employers seeking experienced Nurses for their roles.  One strategy is to ensure that our new Grads engage in a planned new entry programme which will quickly and efficiently develop skilled and ‘experienced’ nurses.  Demonstrating this kind of commitment to our new nurses will undoubtedly help grow the loyalty to the NZ health service more akin to the 1980’s and 1990’s when I was a DHB staff nurse.  Whilst I have signed this petition, I also want to add that in my opinion creating a sustainable workforce for our future does not only lie with the Government.   Health service providers (public, private, charitable trusts etc) along with the Government need to work together with real goals, timelines and budgets to ensure that anyone receiving health care in NZ gets the best we have on offer – today, tomorrow and the future.  To do this – ‘we’ shouldn’t be afraid to take some calculated risks, to be innovative and to be genuinely open to options.  Including companies like ours in consultation and planning is not something to fear, but an opportunity to seek input from people who spend every day considering the health workforce of NZ and recruiting, developing, supporting and talking with Nurses, carers, service providers.  We do this to ensure that  every NZ’er has someone caring for them when they need it

Jane Clements

GM Medcall Health Personnel.

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