Free Oral Health Care Training for Caregivers and Registered Nurses

The Ministry of Health and the New Zealand Dental Association are offering training programs for Caregivers and Registered Nurses in the aged care sector to learn about oral health in older people. The programs will educated staff on how to identify changes in the oral health of residents, develop individual oral care plans based on need, and provide effective oral hygiene care.

This is an excellent opportunity for staff to be trained by dental specialists. A certificate of accreditation will be given by the NZDA to every facility that has at least 25% of staff trained in oral health care.

To accommodate the impacts of Omicron, training programs delivered before 12th March will be via webinar. Please email to register for these or to ask any questions. To register online for courses being held after 31st March please click here. These are planned to be held in person but can be moved to a webinar format if necessary.

Email for more details and dates for North Island and South Island courses or for downloadable registration forms.

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