Feedback sought on code covering 111 service

The Commerce Commission wants feedback on proposed rules that require home phone providers to support customers on new technologies in the event of a power cut. This is called the 111 contact code.

The commission, whose duties include being New Zealand’s telecommunications regulator, is particularly interested to hear from those with access only to a home telephone and who are at a greater risk of needing to contact 111, and consumer groups that work with and/or support such consumers.

Under the code, extra support may be available for home phone customers on new technologies such as fibre and fixed wireless who have no other way of contacting 111 and who consider themselves at greater risk of needing to call.

It’s proposed that these customers:

  • Can apply to their home phone provider for an alternative way of contacting 111 at no cost to them.
  • Will, if they qualify, be supplied with a backup by their provider in the event of a power cut.

The code would also require telecommunications providers to regularly remind their customers that new technologies will not work in a power cut, how to protect themselves and what further support is available.

The commission is seeking feedback on the draft code. This is due by 5pm, Wednesday 17 July and can be provided either by completing the online survey or by making a submission.

The full draft 111 code can be found here.


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