Ever Wondered Where Your Poppy Donation Goes?

Each year, New Zealander’s generously support the Returned and Services Association’s (RNZRSA) annual Poppy Appeal. In 2015, we received a record breaking $2.5 million dollars in donations from our collectors on the street, text and online donations and a variety of fundraising initiatives from our commercial partner and supporters – undoubtedly boosted by the centenary of WW1, which ignited public support for the Poppy Appeal.

So what does the RSA do with this money?

100% of the funds collected through the Poppy Appeal reside in our Poppy Trust, which RSA’s all over New Zealand access to deliver support services in their area. This can start from as little as an understanding ear to listen confidentially to your concerns or a supportive chat with other veterans to access to financial assistance and specialist services.

While many New Zealanders associate the RSA with our much older veterans, our support services are available to all current and former service personnel and their families, including the New Zealand Police.  These services particularly recognise the additional issues of those who have served in overseas operations.

The RSA has a country-wide network of volunteer support staff who provide advice, advocacy and support at the heart of our communities. And you don’t have to be a member of the RSA to qualify for assistance – nor do you have to have operational service. The RSA’s support services are delivered to everyone from WWII veterans and those who have served in more recent conflicts to younger, contemporary service people and the families of those currently serving overseas.

The RSA wants as many people as possible to know that our support services are available, and more importantly, to access them. These support services include:

  • An RSA Discount Club Card to access discounts at a wide range of retail stores.
  • Access to other sources of RSA financial assistance if the condition is not related to qualifying service for the purposes of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014.
  • ‘Family Days’ or ‘time out’ activities for the families of deployed personnel during their absence.
  • Supportive discussions with other RSA members who have experienced similar issues.
  • Advocacy and representation while seeking support.
  • Assistance with accessing support through Veterans’ Affairs.

We encourage anyone who knows someone who needs support or is looking for help themselves, to ring their local RSA and ask to speak to a Support Advisor. Our services are completely confidential and free of charge.

To locate your local RSA visit www.rsa.org.nz

About David Moger

David Moger
David joined the RNZRSA in 2013 as Business Development Manager and was appointed as Chief executive later that year. He is happily married to Lisa and lives in Kapiti with their two teenage sons. “I took the position at the RSA as it enables me to bring my background of both commerce and not-for-profit together for the benefit of the organisation. The RSA is an organisation whose values align closely to my own. I come from a family with a long military heritage and this is my way of being able to honour that heritage, although personally I have never worn the uniform.”