Esther reviews The Hanging Club by Tony Parsons

The Hanging Club

Tony Parsons

Random House Publishing

RRP $37.00

Wow! This guy is a master! This book was really awesome, one I’ll pass on to lots of other readers. But let’s start at the beginning…

Set in London this novel is a true thriller/whodunit. We are again with DC Max Wolfe who is tasked with solving a number of murders where the murder is recorded and played to the public, or live streamed – and the perpetrator seems to believe that they are the judge and jury. All the victims, according to the murderer – deserve to die.

Once again Parsons is a masterful story teller – the book is fast paced, but not lacking in detail. There’re plenty of hints (and the odd red herring) so that the reader is kept on their toes and the masterful weaving of the story ensures that this is a real ‘can’t put-downer’.

I read this book over two days and even when I wasn’t reading it I was puzzling out what I knew to see if I could solve it before the DC Wolfe did (I did!, sort of!). This to me, is the sign of a great book.

The setting is compelling and when some of the final details are revealed really interesting. It’s an interesting ‘bonus’ for history buffs.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series – Parsons really is a great writer and I can’t wait to see more of DC Wolfe in the next book.

From the publishers website:

A band of vigilante executioners roam London’s hot summer nights, abducting evil men and hanging them by the neck until dead.

– The gang member who’s abused vulnerable girls.
– The wealthy drunk driver who’s mowed down a child.
– The hate preacher calling for the murder of British soldiers.

As the bodies pile up and riots explode across the sweltering city, DC Max Wolfe hunts a gang of killers who many believe to be heroes.

And discovers that the lust for revenge starts very close to home …

About the author:

Tony Parsons left school at sixteen and his first job in journalism was at the New Musical Express. His first journalism after leaving the NME was when he was embedded with the Vice Squad at 27 Savile Row, West End Central. The roots of the DC Max Wolfe series started here.

Since then he has become an award-winning journalist and bestselling novelist whose books have been translated into more than forty languages. The Murder Bag, the first novel in the DC Max Wolfe series, went to number one on first publication in the UK. The Slaughter Man was also a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.

Tony Lives in London with his wife, his daughter and their dog, Stan.

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