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New Beginnings at Lilyfields 

Lottie Bloom

Penguin Books 

RRP $30.00

Last year I reviewed The Road to Lilyfields and this novel is the latest offering from the author, Lottie Bloom.

New Beginnings at Lilyfields is a stand alone novel. Whilst there is some cross over from The Road to Lilyfields (setting and some characters) you do not need to have read the prior book to enjoy this one.Lilyfields Cover

Let’s not pretend this isn’t NZ chick lit. The cover really gives it all away. It’s pure contemporary escapism designed to take you away to Banks Peninsula and dream that you too will find the love of your life (who will not only be intelligent and slightly flawed but also ruggedly handsome).

This novel centres around Orla, a struggling actress, who is not only seeking a perfect role, but the perfect life and the perfect man. She is offered a role on a movie filming on the Peninsula and through a series of events is introduced to the lead characters from Bloom’s previous novel. Thus begins her journey of self-discovery.

Bloom does well with her description of the Peninsula – I’ve spent a lot of time there and she captures perfectly the beauty, ruggedness, touristy-ness and isolation. It is a place of juxtaposition and she uses the settings well to enhance her characters.

It must be said, it’s a little cheesy – as are most romantic type novels. The clichés are rife and the ending somewhat predictable. But the ride is not unpleasant and the book is easy to read. My biggest struggle was the name Orla – it just jarred. Every. Time. I am unsure why Bloom choose a name that is so uncommon (and I’m sure she has a reason!).

If you’re up for a bit of light reading, love a happy ending and enjoy the feeling of reading a book set in a place you recognize as NZ then this is a book for you.

From the publishers website:

A vivid romance novel set in stunning rural Banks Peninsula.

Lilyfields cottage has been lying empty since its previous occupant, Rosa, got married. It’s just the haven Orla Nolan is looking for. She needs to recuperate after an accident has dashed her dreams of acting in a movie that’s being filmed in a neighbouring bay.

Orla is feeling lonely and dejected, but before long she is confronted by two handsome suitors. She’s spoilt for choice, except they are father and son, and while one is a touch too old and too settled for her liking, might the other be too young and too wild?

Meanwhile Rosa’s former boyfriend has turned up and appears to be finding it hard to let go of his lost love.

As Orla struggles to find a new role for herself at Lilyfields, will its magic deliver true love?

About the author:

Lottie Bloom is a New Zealand writer, who after years of city living has retreated to a simpler life in the country. She now writes romance novels, set in a beautiful, isolated spot she has come to call home.

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