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Election Promises

On Saturday 23 September 2017 as a nation, we will determine the membership of the 52nd New Zealand Parliament. This month we are going to look at the policies of each of the ‘main’ political parties in New Zealand, focusing on issues relating to older people and the aged care industry.

This election the big issues include:

  • Housing – an obvious hot topic that needs no explanation
  • Immigration – the debate about whether we cut it off or have more is front and centre in a lot of people’s minds
  • Money – not just the big picture economy but the everyday economy, things like income, wages, jobs and superannuation
  • Health – is the health system doing its job? Does any party have the right answers?
  • Education – be it early childhood education or tertiary, everybody has an interest and investment in our education system
  • Law and order – do you feel safe? Is the prison system working? Do we have enough police on the streets?
  • Environment – from dealing with global warming, the conservation estate, to our water being bottled and exported, this is always a big issue for Kiwis.

Over the coming month we will be looking at the healthcare, immigration, housing and aged care policies and ideas of National, Labour, Greens, ACT, Maori Party, NZ First, United Future and The Opportunities Party. As you can see, some of these issues are hot topics of this years election.

Looking at the different party’s healthcare policies are important as a significant proportion of the healthcare budget is spent on conditions relating to old age. How will each party’s health policies help ease the strain of the “over-stretched” health services, and how will their party prepare for the future? It is important that healthcare is getting the proper funding to help it cope with the ageing population.

Housing is an issue not just for older people, but for everyone. The cost of houses, the cost of rent and the quality of houses available are of great concern to New Zealanders. Living in cold and damp housing causes a plethora of health issues and in winter, older people on fixed incomes struggle to afford to heat their homes.

Immigration is also another hot topic this election. The reason we have included this topic here is that the Aged Care industry relies on a large migrant workforce to fill jobs. As the Aged Care industry is growing it is important that people will be able to receive the best care.

For aged care, we will be looking to see what specific plans each party has for this industry, including any comments on pay equity and workers.

We will also include any other polices or statements made that relate to aged care and older people.

If you still have not registered or enrolled to vote – it’s not too late! Head to www.elections.org.nz to do so. Remember your vote does count and does make a difference! As we have seen in the UK and US recently, what many people (some who did not vote) thought was impossible became a reality, so having your say is essential!

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