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Eldernet’s Christmas Party

At the beginning of December, here at Eldernet we shut our office early and celebrated Christmas and all we have achieved this year. Although it was a gloomy Christchurch day and things did not go quite to plan, we still had a day full of fun and a lot of laughter.

The day was kicked off with by hilarious game of pictionary.

Eldernet Christmas 16 1

We then headed to Go Potty Ceramic Studio where we got in touch with our creative side. First we selected a piece of pottery then painted it to create our own “masterpiece” (yes the inverted commas are on purpose).

Hannah, Blair and Julie (left to right) concentrating hard.
Hannah, Blair and Julie (left to right) concentrating hard.


Eldernet Christmas 16 3
Susan and Eleanor giving some creative advice to Chris


The party moved back to the Eldernet offices where we were joined by some of our loved ones and indulged in some incredible food and drinks.


Eldernet Christmas 16 4


The Eldernet 7 Geese trophy was awarded to Julie. This award reflects all the incredible work she has done over the past six months. Definitely well deserved!

Eldernet Christmas 16 5


…Then the shenanigans began…


Eldernet Christmas 6
Esther, Matt and Eleanor (left to right) having a boogie


Eldernet Christmas 7
Then the sing-star came out


The partying ran right into the night, with everyone having an absolutely marvelous time. I think it is safe to assume some heads would have been a bit sore in the morning that’s for sure. Thank you again to Esther and Eleanor for putting on such a fantastic bash!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Susan

    A great time was had by all

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