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Eldernet Spotlight – Katherine the Distribution Queen

At Eldernet, I’m the Lead Distribution Coordinator, which in a nutshell means I’m in charge of overseeing the distribution of our wonderful book, “Where from Here” for the five different regions.  This means I speak daily with many clients who use our books in a variety of different ways, but all with one aim: helping and assisting older people in making informed choices about their care and wellbeing by providing them with the information that they need to live well.   I greatly enjoy talking with and assisting the people who use our books themselves, and often the family members or friends who love them as well.

The other part of my job here is assisting people daily with updating their bed vacancies and helping them to update their pages on our website, as well as providing customer service in answering any queries they have about their pages – and I enjoy the interactions with many people from all different regions around New Zealand.

On the home front:

It’s hard to believe we’re into February already – half of summer gone already, but let me tell you about my Christmas break. We first had a lovely Christmas Day at home with family and friends.  My daughter Angela and I then went to Wellington for a week to visit my parents. While there, we visited Staglands Wildlife Reserve, which was probably the highlight – what I loved was seeing all these different species of animals just hanging out together, roaming freely and what a beautiful peaceful energy the whole place gave. I have included some pictures here of the things that impressed me the most – I think I was more enthusiastic about all the animals than my ten year old!

I can’t wait for the next chapter of life that 2017 will bring.


About Eve Willams

Eve Willams
Eve Williams is the Sales, Production and Social Media Administrator for Eldernet. She has been working for Eldernet for a number of years on a casual basis but is very excited to grow in her new full time role within the company. A recent graduate of Canterbury University with a degree in Psychology and History, her interests span far and wide.

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