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To finish off our series on the 2017 Election we have tried to summarise the main points in regards to our 5 top issues: superannuation, housing, healthcare, immigration, aged care.

Superannuation – Age of eligibility

– Raise

– Same

– Does not specify

– Raise

– Same

– Flexible retirement age

– Lower

– Same but replace Super

Housing – Main ideas

– Continue to provide grants for insulation

– Stop sale of state houses bulid more houses. Introduce enforcable quality standards for rental. Pay superannuatist for winter energy costs
– Warrant of fitness scheme

– Replace council building inspections and compliance with a mandatory private insurance regime for buildings.
– Support local councils to provide more pensioner housing . Superannuitants 10% discount of electricity during winter. Fund insulation for all uninsulated homes
– Rent-to-own policy

– Warrant of fitness scheme. Subsidise solar panels in low income, isolated communities

– Warrant of fitness scheme

Healthcare – Main ideas

– Increase health funding by $3.9 billion over four years. Increase funding for disability support
– Increase health funding by $8 billion over four years. Make it easier to access mental health services.
– Increase health funding. Improve pay for mental health workers

–  Legalise euthanasia. Increase support for people with physical or mental conditions. Reduce tabacco tax
– Increase health funding. Provide superannuitants 3 free doctors visits and 1 free eye check
– Increase support for drug treatment and rehabilitation. Increase funding for mental health services
– Introduce a Cross-Government Accord. Introduce free annual medical and dental visit for over 55

– Increase tax on alcohol. Legalise the sale and use of cannabis

Immigration – levels of immigration

– No change to current levels. Focusing on quality

– Limit immigration. No work visas for low qualified jobs. Push to regions

– No change. Increase support for immigrants

– No change. Limit pensions to those who arrive later in life

– Limit. Cap immigration at 10,000 per year

– No change. Give more support

– Relocate people to regions

– Limit. Only want “high quality” immigrants.

Aged Care – Main ideas

– No new policies relating to aged care

– Establish the Office of the Aged Care Commissioner and a position of Aged Care Commissioner.

– Support Care at Home. Increase support for high quality palliative care

– Improved access to supported living arrangements for those with serious mental illness

– They have a comprehensive older person’s policy that aims to meet the health needs of ageing population.
– Support for older people in non-medical institutions. Support pay parity between nursing staff across all nursing sectors
– Review the work conditions, pay and training opportunities for those working in the elderly, disability and home care sector
– Does not have any policies relating to this area


If you still have not registered or enrolled to vote – it’s not too late! Head to to do so. Remember your vote does count and does make a difference!

See you at the polling booths on September 23rd!

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