Do older people lose interest in sex?

Do older people lose interest in sex? Ten myths of ageing – debunked

When you think about older people having sex, it probably makes you uncomfortable. Why is that?

More and more, senior citizens are discovering that just because they’re older doesn’t mean their sex life is over. The thinking is: “I’m not dead yet, so why should my sex life be?”

Clearly, the myth that as people age they naturally lose interest in sex is being debunked. Sex is a good indicator of overall health for both men and women: it boosts immunity and reduces stress levels, among other things. Not surprisingly, however, one of the biggest detriments to sexual activity is health, especially for the older set: those who have health problems have less or none at all, those who are healthy tend to have more. Diabetes, prostate problems, menopause and side effects from medications are common issues that block blood flow to the sexual organs for both men and women, and can interfere with sexual performance or desire. And like other muscles in the body, you either use it or lose it.

The issues concerning sex,sexuality and intimate relationships in care homes are complex, and dealing with these can pose difficulties for older people, partners,families and staff. Jon Amesbury of Aria Gardens discusses this issue…

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