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Dentures – What to expect

The thought of getting dentures whether it be a full set or a partial can quite often be a daunting experience especially if it is your first time.  Back in the “murder house” days, a lot of people have been traumatized to the point of doing anything to avoid a dental chair; there is this immediate association of painful injections or the uncomfortable feeling of almost choking whilst having your impression taken.

Mark the Clinical Technician says “the perception of what is involved compared to what we actually end up doing is a lot simpler and straight forward.  A lot of patients say ‘I wish I’d done it sooner, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be’”
The process and techniques for making dentures have been refined greatly over the decades allowing the process to be stress free and completed much faster than in the years past with better fits, better chewing ability all with deceivingly natural smiles.

No matter what product I use and no matter how often I clean my dentures, there are these stains and hard plaques building up. What am I doing wrong?
Too many people put up with a dirty denture feeling embarrassed, thinking that the stains are their failure to maintain them – couldn’t be further from the truth.
These stains and build-ups are not uncommon and more often than not these stains are no fault of your own; some foods and drinks (and smoking) can cause stubborn stains that normal cleaners just cannot remove completely. There are specialized cleaning products and professional cleaning services available that we can provide to help restore your dentures to their original lustre. Many make the mistake of attempting to chip off the build-up or to scratch the stain off – this only guarantees the build-up of tartar and staining to return due to the rougher surface created by the scratching; this too can be remedied.

My dentures have broken and I tried to glue them back together but it doesn’t seem to hold. Can this be repaired?
In most situations, yes, this can be repaired and depending on the severity of the damage.
The worst part of the glued denture is not the damage done but rather the harmful chemicals that are in the glue; this isn’t healthy! The good news is that even when the denture has been broken and glued back several times in the wrong position, sometimes we can re-orientate the broken pieces in the right position with an impression of your mouth. People often think that it’s too far gone to be repaired if it’s been glued but this isn’t necessarily true. It can also be properly repaired in the same day meaning you do not need to go overnight without your dentures!

My dentures have broken in the past and are constantly getting repaired. Is there no real solution?
Dentures that are constantly cracking or breaking need to be reinforced with something stronger than the high-impact acrylic the dentures are constructed of. If you are wearing a full denture, you can do this by reinforcing the denture with a cobalt-chrome alloy: none of which is visible when you smile!  When it comes to partial dentures that break frequently, these too can be made from cobalt chrome to allow greater strength and thinner feel.

What is a reline?
When you have a denture made, the fitting surface of the denture is a duplication of what your mouth looked like at the time you first had them made. Over time the bone beneath the gum shrinks and this makes the denture loose. A reline is where we renew the fitting surface, updating it to what you have presently and this helping minimizing the looseness and helps prevent likelihood of embarrassing breakages.

What is an immediate denture?
Your smile is a part of your identity, a part of who you are. Having a youthful, deceivingly natural smile gives a boost in self-confidence and dramatically increases the quality of life. If you are unhappy with your smile or feeling that you’ve lost your bite due to losing back teeth over the years, an immediate denture is a common procedure that is met with anxiety and stress when the treatment process is not explained properly to you.
When you have teeth extracted you have two options: to go ‘gummy’ for up to 6 months until the sockets have healed, or, to have denture made so that you have those teeth replaced “immediately”.
An immediate denture is where prior to having your teeth extracted, we take impressions of your mouth and make a denture that restores your teeth as they were yet at the same time enhancing or if you choose, completely rebuilding your smile; all of which is a process you have complete control over.
The most common feedback we get with our immediate dentures is “had I known it was going to be this easy and simple, I would have done it sooner. I wish I did this years ago.”

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DT Denture Clinic
We are a Clinical Dental Laboratory that is able to see patients directly requiring, dentures, partial dentures, relines, repairs and tooth additions.

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  1. Having lost a front tooth in an accident I was very grateful when I got a single tooth denture!
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