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Declutter your life!

Keeping your house clean and uncluttered is important for remaining independent. Uncluttering and cleaning can help reduce the risk of the things that usually result in people needing a higher level of care i.e. falls. Reducing clutter opens up spaces which reduces the possibility to make sure that you are able to remain in your home for as long as possible.

The benefits of decluttering and organizing your belongings while you can manage the task:

  • Prioritize what items you want and need
  • Organise the important things like personal, financial and legal documents
  • Sort out photos, letters and other treasures you have been saving
  • Sell, throw-out or donate the things you no longer use

Reducing the risk of falling is especially important as this is the most common reason as to why people move into care. Think about removing slip or trip hazards like loose rugs or mats and repairing or replacing worn areas of carpets. Slippery flooring in the bathroom and kitchen also may need to be addressed. Another thing to think about doing is removing unused furniture that may be cluttering your rooms, this will free up space and make it easier to navigate between rooms. Another thing to do is to make sure there is adequate lighting in all rooms and around your property, especially at night. If you do not think you can manage this job on your own. Take a look here on Eldernet for your local options.

If you are interested in reducing the risk of falling, home maintenance and modification services may also help prevent falls by making your home safer and more secure. This may include installing:

  • grab and shower rails
  • hand rails
  • ramps and other mobility aids
  • emergency alarms and other safety aids.

Take a look here on Eldernet for your local retailers.

One of the first signs that an older person might not be able to live on their own is the the way that they take care of themselves and their home. If they suddenly are not taking the same amount of care as before, it is a good idea to check in and see what is going on. It may just be that they are finding they cannot do the same things as before due to reduced mobility, that is where home help workers can come in to help with daily chores etc. Take a look at your local options here on Eldernet. Or it could be a sign of self-neglect, social withdrawal. If you think this is the case, speak openly with your loved one and consult with your GP who can advise you on the options. A clean living environment is crucial to older people’s health.

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