Contribute to ‘Ageism through the ages’ ahead of International Day of Older Persons

Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation released a report suggesting that half the world’s population are ageist (New Zealand included). The report found that ageism is prevalent in most aspects of society but that it can be particularly devastating for older people, as it is associated with shorter lifespan, poorer physical and mental health, as well as increased social isolation and loneliness.

To help shine a light on this insidious issue, the Platform for the Decade of Healthy Ageing is running Ageism through the ages between 1 October 2021 (International Day of Older Persons) and 20 November 2021 (World Children’s Day). The initiative aims to showcase how this phenomenon affects us through our lifetime, encourage the engagement of different stakeholders in the Global Campaign to Combat Ageism, and build a movement to change the narrative around age and ageing.

Throughout Ageism through the ages, the Platform will be releasing content related to ageism, initially focused on ageism against older people and move across the ages to focus on ageism against younger people.

Add your voice to Ageism through the Ages

The Platform is asking for people and organisations to share their experiences and knowledge to the campaign, particularly if you or your organisation are actively trying to reduce ageism. Submissions are open now (from August 12) and close 17 September 2021. Head to The Platform’s website to make a submission before 17 September 2021.

Here are the different ways you can contribute:


Share interviews, videos/film, audio, or stories you have about ageism, particularly any experiences of positive change that you may have had or noticed in your community. For example, a story of a close relationship you have had with someone of a different generation, changes resulting from the effective implementation of policies or laws that prohibit age discrimination, or educational programmes that have resulted in a reduction of ageist attitudes.


Under this category, you can submit relevant guidance, reports, policy briefs, multimedia or databases and repositories that exist within your organisation that have a specific focus on ageism. You can also share information about upcoming events on ageism.


One of the key objectives of Ageism through the ages is to establish a community of advocates. If you are working in the space of ageism, please share your details (or those of the organisation you work for) to join the community of change agents.


Do you have information you’d like to share about existing research projects on ageism? Perhaps you’ve run an anti-ageism campaign, know of funding opportunities available, or want to share lessons you’ve learned from implementing a successful project on the ground (for example, the implementation of a law or policy that prohibits age-based discrimination, an educational activity to address ageism.


The Platform would love you to share any toolkits, training materials or programmes which aim to help combat ageism – and which are freely available for anyone to use.

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