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Celebrating Champions

With our society ageing and becoming more diverse, having prominent New Zealanders advocating for older people has never been more important.¬†SuperSeniors is run by the Office for Seniors. It is a gateway to information on government services for anyone aged 65+. They have complied a list of what they call “SuperSeniors Champions”.

What is a SuperSeniors Champion?

A SuperSeniors Champion is someone who embodies the qualities of active and positive ageing, and is a high-profile inspirational role model in a specific area of expertise who can highlight the opportunities presented by senior years

A Champion is someone who:

  • actively demonstrates the valuable contribution seniors make
  • embodies positive ageing through their positive attitudes and actions
  • can celebrate the achievements and address the opportunities of an ageing population
  • is aware of central matters with regards to ageing in New Zealand
  • will be an articulate spokesperson for positive ageing and seniors

What we mean by Positive Ageing

Positive ageing is something that everyone should be able to experience.

It is when older people are engaged with society and their contribution is valued. Society benefits from a healthy, happy and engaged older population, and recognises seniors who provide their expertise and skills to the community and workforce, in both paid and unpaid roles, who offer positive role models for both seniors and younger generations.

By raising awareness of seniors’ issues the Champions can help change attitudes towards age.

Who are these SuperSeniors Champions?

The New Zealand SuperSeniors Champions come from a diverse range of backgrounds. They are sporting heros, community champions, and arts stars. Some big names such as Sir Peter Snell, Sir Peter Sharples Seug-jae Yu, Nanette Nathoo, Dame Kate Harcourt, Dame Malvina Major, and Precious McKenzie are among the Champions.

To read more about what these amazing people are doing for older people throughout New Zealand, click here and head to the SuperSenior’s website.

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