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CEA’s Top Tips: Preparing for Winter – Heat Pumps

Now is a good time to clean your heat pump filters before they start working hard! Simply pull the internal filters out and vacuum them. We recommend cleaning them every month.

Should you use the door to door heat pump cleaning companies?
Householders are being charged $135 to clean a heat pump, a job that heat pump suppliers say does not require a specialist and takes just minutes. Heat pump manufacturers give similar advice. The indoor filters should be cleaned regularly and vegetation kept clear of the outdoor unit. Click here for Mitsubishi’s Quick Clean Kit for information about how to do this.

Are you thinking about investing in a heat pump?

Healthier Homes Canterbury enables eligible ratepayers in Canterbury to add the cost of home heating, insulation and/or ventilation products and installation to their rates bills. A maximum of $6,000 (including GST) is available per ratepayer.

The full amount plus interest will be paid back via their rates bills over nine years. This interest rate makes the scheme cost neutral to the rest of the community. The interest rate for those joining before 30 June 2019 is 5.9% pa and will remain fixed for the full nine years.

For more information for the rest of the country, connect with your local provider.

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Community Energy Action is a charitable trust committed to helping make warm, dry, energy efficient homes throughout Canterbury. Their services include insulation (subsidies available), heating, free, recycled curtains, free independent energy advice, and affordable energy efficiency tools. For more energy tips and advice call CEA’s free Energy Advice Service on 0800 GET WARM or visit www.cea.co.nz.