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CEA’s Top Tips for Christmas: Recycling Holiday Waste.

Did you know, the waste we generate almost doubles the week after Christmas! And much of that waste can be recycled.

It’s time to bust the myths on recycling for the holiday season with our top tips below:

  • Three questions to ask yourself BEFORE preparing for the holiday season:
  1. Is the packaging 100% recyclable?
  2. How far did this product have to travel to make it onto the shelf?
  3. Has this product been sustainably and ethically produced?
  • Some wrapping paper cannot be recycled. As a general rule, if it’s hard to tear your wrapping paper, chances are it isn’t recyclable. Cellophane, foil, metallic or glittered wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, and neither is ribbon and many metallic bows. However, these things could be reused for the next gift you give. Why not consider wrapping your gifts in a gift, such as a cotton scarf.
  • Bubble wrap is considered a soft plastic, and can be recycled accordingly. However, it can also be reused to help improve the comfort and warmth of your home. Did you know bubble wrap can be used as an insulation on your windows in winter? It’s a cheaper alternative to double glazing – just spray a light film of water on the window, and apply the bubble wrap to the glass (cut it to size before applying). The bubble side goes toward the glass. Good to use on those south facing windows that don’t get much sun in winter.
  • A real Christmas tree can be put in your green bin. Chop it up once it’s reached its use-by date. You could also drop it off at the EcoDrop green waste drop-off.
  • If you have a fake Christmas tree that is still in good condition, reuse it next year. If you want to dispose of it, take it to one of the EcoDrop recycling centres so someone else can use it. If your fake tree has no more life left in it, dispose of it in your red bin.

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