CEA’s Top Tips for a Healthy Home: New Year Spring Clean!

A new year brings the chance to have a good (early) spring clean! We spend a lot of time in our home, so why not do a routine check-up and make sure it is coming into the New Year healthy!?

  • Are you ventilating your home regularly? Make sure you replace any stale, old air with new fresh air, every day! Easiest way to do this is opening windows on opposite sides of the house for at least 10 minutes a day.
  • Be sure to air out your wardrobes and cupboards that don’t get opened regularly. With the hot weather over summer, it’s easy for mould to grow if there is any moisture present. Open wardrobes and cupboards (especially in unused rooms), and check for any mould in corners and around skirting boards. Use the steps below if you have any mould present.
  • Wear gloves, a mask, and eye protection when removing mould. For light mould issues,the cheapest and least toxic cleaning solution is warm soapy water. Use an old toothbrush, scrubbing brush, or cloth to scrub the area well. You may need to use abit of elbow grease here! Flush the cleaned area with water or rinse with fresh damp cloths. Dry the area off with dry, clean cloths. For major mould issues, seek the advice of a professional.
  • Clean your heat pump filters. Simply open the plastic covering on the unit, locate the filters, slide them out, and run the vacuum cleaner over them to clean the dust off. You can get a family member to do this for you, and if they are not sure, they can always give us a call on our free energy advice hotline, 0800 GET WARM.
  • Make sure your gutters are clear of any debris or leaves. This will prevent water pooling and causing damage (and unwanted mould build ups).
  • Do you know how much insulation is protecting your home from the outside conditions? If you’re not sure what condition your insulation is in, or if you even have any, give us a call and our trained assessor can check for free! Insulation not only helps you keep warm in winter, it will help you keep cool in summer by giving you better indoor temperature control. If your insulation is older than 10 years, chances are it may need a top up!

About Community Energy Action

Community Energy Action
Community Energy Action is a charitable trust committed to helping make warm, dry, energy efficient homes throughout Canterbury. Their services include insulation (subsidies available), heating, free, recycled curtains, free independent energy advice, and affordable energy efficiency tools. For more energy tips and advice call CEA’s free Energy Advice Service on 0800 GET WARM or visit www.cea.co.nz.