CEA’s Top Tips: Be water wise for summer

Be water wise for summer, and check your shower flow rate! Using a stopwatch, time how long it takes to fill up a 10 litre bucket. If it fills in less than a minute when set at your regular shower temperature, you could consider installing a more efficient shower head or a flow restrictor.

Make the most of the warmer weather and dry your washing outside whenever possible. Did you know, one load of washing can release up to 5 litres of moisture into the air?

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Community Energy Action
Community Energy Action is a charitable trust committed to helping make warm, dry, energy efficient homes throughout Canterbury. Their services include insulation (subsidies available), heating, free, recycled curtains, free independent energy advice, and affordable energy efficiency tools. For more energy tips and advice call CEA’s free Energy Advice Service on 0800 GET WARM or visit www.cea.co.nz.