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CEA’s Healthy Home Tips: Spring Cleaning for a Healthier Home

The smell of daffodils are in the air, and with the warmer weather brings the perfect time for a healthy home spring clean! Here is a top tip about how to effectively clean mould.

The cheapest and least toxic way to manage mould is a solution of 70% white vinegar, and 30% water. Spray the solution on the affected area, and leave for 30mins. This causes the mould cells to explode! Mould can defend itself against 100% vinegar, so be sure to dilute.

Use some elbow grease to remove all the mould present. Wear a mask and gloves/protective clothing so you don’t come in contact with the mould.

Flush the cleaned area with water or rinse with fresh damp cloths. Dry with clean clothes and keep the area as dry as possible from now on. You may need to repeat these steps every time mould appears.

Often with mould, there is an underlying problem as to why it is occurring. Give us a call on 0800 GET WARM if you have any questions concerning these steps, or to find out more information about the health of your home.

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