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CEA’s Healthy Home Tips: Get rid of those pesky draughts.

There is nothing worse than getting settled in for the night, and feeling that cold breeze brushing past your legs! And to think, there will be plenty more pesky draughts running around your home that you can’t feel! Not to fear, there are plenty of ways you can protect your home from draughts, check out the options below:

  • Single/double door sausages. These sit at the bottom of your door at either one side (single) or both sides (double) to block out the draughts coming from underneath. For most, this is an easy, affordable option that will fit most doors.
  • V-seal for windows and doors? This is a durable plastic weather strip that you can easily install around your windows and doors to prevent heat loss. If you suffer from uneven gaps around windows and doors (often the case with earthquake damaged homes), this product will bend seal the uneven gaps.
  • Draught stopper with brush for internal/external doors? Another great product if you suffer from uneven gaps as this is fitted manually to your door. Can be used on external doors as well as inside the home.
  • Replace any traditional downlights. If you have older style downlights in your home, it means insulation would have been cut to fit around these due to fire safety reasons. This leaves holes in your ceiling insulation where heat can escape. You can replace your downlights and fully insulate your ceiling to prevent heat loss.
  • Check your hinges and latches on windows. If these are loose, tighten them up. Damaged latches may need to be replaced.
  • Install quality insulation underfloor. This will help prevent draughts coming through the floorboards, and keep heat in the home. If you’re unsure whether you have insulation, or if it is up to standard, get in touch with CEA for a free insulation scope. CEA also has subsidies available for insulation, get in touch to find out if you qualify.

Here’s a tip, if you are needing to draught proof a lot of rooms but want to make it more affordable, start with your main living room or bedroom first.

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Community Energy Action is a charitable trust committed to helping make warm, dry, energy efficient homes throughout Canterbury. Their services include insulation (subsidies available), heating, free, recycled curtains, free independent energy advice, and affordable energy efficiency tools. For more energy tips and advice call CEA’s free Energy Advice Service on 0800 GET WARM or visit www.cea.co.nz.