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CEA’s energy saving tip: Powerful savings

Today we are looking at how to save on your power bill during the most expensive months of the year.

Hot water can account for 30% of your power bill, so shorter showers can save you power! Check your shower flow rate with a stopwatch and a 10 litre bucket, if the bucket fills in less than a minute at your normal showering temperature, you may like to install a more efficient shower head or a flow restrictor.

Dry homes are easier and cheaper to heat, so it is important to have good insulation, good heating, and to ventilate. A simple way to ventilate is to open your windows for 20 minutes during the warmest part of the day, even in winter.

About Community Energy Action

Community Energy Action
Community Energy Action is a charitable trust committed to helping make warm, dry, energy efficient homes throughout Canterbury. Their services include insulation (subsidies available), heating, free, recycled curtains, free independent energy advice, and affordable energy efficiency tools. For more energy tips and advice call CEA’s free Energy Advice Service on 0800 GET WARM or visit www.cea.co.nz.

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