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Courtesy the Key with Mobility Scooters

This information was kindly put together by Senior Constable Aaron Smith, South Dunedin Neighbourhood Policing Team. With our aging population and the need for independence for those unable to take a walk down to the shops, there is an ever increasing number of people using mobility scooters. Many of us …

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Keep mobile this Christmas

For many, Christmas is a time of family togetherness, the sharing of meals, relaxing together over a holiday break, youngsters playing whilst the adults watch on. It’s a wonderful season and we’re so lucky to live in this beautiful country that offers such natural beauty and wonderful outdoor activities. In …

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Transport – Self-driving cars

In a recent article by the NZ Herald – Feds preview rules of the road for self-driving, it was interesting to read that the USA administration officials were previewing the long-awaiting guidance that attempts to bring self-driving cars to the nation’s roadways safely. It seems that traditional automakers and tech …

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Travelling with Dementia

Travelling is something that kiwis like to do a lot.  For some it may be returning home to their place of birth, perhaps visiting relatives or bringing their children along to enable them to connect with their ‘roots’.  It was interesting to note that about 25% of NZ citizens over …

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Transport – the changing face

Transport has changed rapidly over the last few decades.  Not only have vehicles changed but also how we now use transport. Cars still fundamentally drive on 4 wheels, have motors and transport passengers from A to B.  There have been advances in environmentally-friendly cars with the addition of alternative fuels to the diesel and petrol …

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