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Book Review – Talking Baby by Margaret Maclagan and Anne Buckley

Although my children are now ‘grown up’ enough to be able to speak for themselves (rather more freely than I would like sometimes!), they’re not too grown up that I can’t clearly recall the ‘baby chat’ or ‘trying toddler’ stage.   This book would have been a real asset to me during those early years. It is filled with …

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Book Review – The Keto Chef’s Kitchen by Nery Whelan

The Keto Chef’s Kitchen by Nery Whelan  I have every intent on reviewing this cookbook as I usually do – by reading through and choosing a recipe and actually cooking it. But as I read through this book I realised this is not your ‘usual’ cookbook, this is a stunning cookbook made for a very defined …

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Funny business when it comes to ethical and responsible investing

Greenwashing is giving a false impression or providing misleading information about the environmental status of a company or its products. These misleading or unsubstantiated claims deceive consumers into believing that a product or service is environmentally friendly or socially responsible. Although some of the environmental claims can be partly true, …

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