Retirement Living

Funny business when it comes to ethical and responsible investing

Greenwashing is giving a false impression or providing misleading information about the environmental status of a company or its products. These misleading or unsubstantiated claims deceive consumers into believing that a product or service is environmentally friendly or socially responsible. Although some of the environmental claims can be partly true, …

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RV survey sheds light on residents’ health needs

Retirement villages have expanded rapidly, now housing one in eight people aged 75 and over. Little is known though about residents, including their health status and needs. To remedy this, Dr Joanna Broad of the University of Auckland led a study of the residents of 33 villages in Auckland. The …

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New patient hoist wins aged care tech challenge

A new patient hoist that enables a single helper to pick up and move someone with mobility issues has won the Best Aged Care Solution category at the inaugural HealthTech Supernode Challenge, sponsored by Ryman Healthcare. Christchurch company HT Systems developed the Kera Transfer Aid, as the device is called. …

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