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Looking after your finances – When should you get professional help?

The financial world is increasingly complex and as we age we will come across new situations that we may not be ready for, including: changes to how we access our money; where it’s held and how we can use it; changing technology; emerging financial concepts and yet to be identified …

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Funeral Trusts

People may know that they are entitled to have funds set aside for a pre-paid funeral. What many people may not be aware of are the different options that exist and the amount that each person is allowed to set aside for their funeral which will not be included in …

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New Zealand Superannuation – How to get it

New Zealand Superannuation (‘NZ Super’ or ‘pension’) is the government pension paid to Kiwis over the age of 65. Any eligible New Zealander receives NZ Super regardless of how much they earn through paid work, savings and investments, what other assets they own or what taxes they have paid. Who can get NZ …

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CEA’s Top Tips: Preparing for Winter – Get up to 92% off the cost of Insulation

With winter nearly upon us it is essential to check whether your insulation is up to standard. If you’ve had contractors or someone who has been in your roof/underfloor recently, it is best to make sure the insulation hasn’t been compromised or moved. CEA can do a free insulation scope …

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Advanced Care Planning Day

Friday 5 April is Advance Care Planning Day, which encourages New Zealanders to think about, talk about and plan for their future and end-of-life care. A key message this year is ‘Start your plan today!’ Discussing end-of-life can make it easier to understand and less frightening for you and your …

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Don’t let the flu get you!

With winter approaching, and a number of cases already confirmed, you should put flu vaccinations at the top of your list of priorities. Around one in four New Zealanders are infected with influenza each year. Many people won’t feel sick at all, but can still pass it on to others. Influenza …

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