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Making a complaint about your residential care

Simon Wallace, New Zealand Aged Care Association CEO and the Ministry of Health have developed new resources to assist in navigating the residential care complaints process. Here are the steps that the Ministry of Health suggests using if you have any concerns or would like to make a complaint about …

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Supporting older people to remain in the workforce – should we be following Japan?

The ageing of Japan, indeed of any country, is invariably presented in negative terms. Unlike in Japan where older people command a respect born of Confucian tradition, in much of the west older people tend to be marginalised and treated as unproductive members of society. 25 per cent of Japan’s …

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Is everything you know about money wrong?

Myths about money are everywhere. Unfortunately, much of what you know about money is probably wrong and holding you back from success in your financial life. We all must be aware of how our thoughts impact our behaviour with money. As we all know, how you think and feel often …

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Senior Law

The number of people aged over 65 years is predicted to grow to over one million and to make up more than 20% of the population by 2020. New Zealand’s aging population has resulted in new and complex legal issues. Longer lifespans, blended families, sunset relationships and a variety of …

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