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Helpful Clauses for Your Will

A will is one of the most important legal documents you can have, and everyone should have one. Properly preparing your will now could save your estate a lot of expense in the future, and make things much easier for your loved ones when your time comes. Our clients are …

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History of Euthanasia in New Zealand

The origin of the word is the Greek eu thanaos, meaning ‘good death’ or to die well without pain. Euthanasia is the act of deliberately ending the life of another person by non-violent means. Euthanasia, including voluntary euthanasia, is illegal in New Zealand. However, there have been attempts to change the law. Euthanasia …

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Stress-Free Movings Tips

Here are our top moving tips to help with a quicker, stress free moves. Preparation is key – Plan your move before hand – Everything from packing, labeling, unpacking and placement in your new home. Ensure you label every box and list some of the main items inside. To go …

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Are trusts worth it

A major change to New Zealand trust law was passed on 30 July 2019. The Trusts Act will have implications for all trusts in New Zealand, and once it comes into force will probably cause many to ask whether trusts are still worthwhile. Let’s take a brief look at what’s changing and …

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Disability community conversations

A nationwide transformation of the existing disability support system is under way, and the aim of the transformed system is to ensure disabled people and their families have greater choice and control in their lives. During September and October 2019, the Ministry of Health Disability Directorate is holding twenty community …

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