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“I’m in the dark place”: older people talk about loneliness

NZ Doctor recently published an interview discussing a new paper published from our Ageing Well project exploring social connection among older people in Aotearoa. We used in-depth qualitative methods to identify the sophisticated ways in which older people conceptualise ‘social isolation’, ‘social connection’, and ‘loneliness’. This is an important addition to the literature …

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Beware of corona virus scams

New Zealanders are being warned of a raft of scams and frauds exploiting the spread of coronavirus. Bronwyn Groot, CFFC’s Fraud Education Manager, says scammers overseas are preying on people’s concern about the virus and targetting them in a variety of ways. While reports of coronavirus scams in New Zealand …

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Retirement village residents keep connected in a virtual village

As we know, it is important now more than ever to keep connected with one another and while many believe the digital world is a foreign place for over 70s, Metlifecare is bringing its residents into the digital age to combat social isolation. Metlifecare has launched its new online activities …

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The Bicultural Whare Tapa Whā Older Person’s Palliative Care Model

Tess has led a new paper from our HRC funded Te Pākeketanga study which explored the applicability of the Whare Tapa Whā model developed by Sir Mason Durie to the palliative care context. The Whare Tapa Whā model compared health to the four walls of a house, all four being necessary to ensure strength …

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What is a reverse mortgage & is a reverse mortgage right for you?

A reserve mortgage is a loan that can enable an ‘asset rich, cash poor’ older homeowner to access the value held in their property by taking out a loan secured against their home. There are usually no regular repayments on the loan. This means the homeowner will receive capital – …

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Gender and the impact on retirement

The increased awareness of the gender pay gap over recent years is an important step in being able to close it. Time taken off to care for and raise children and care for older relatives is one of the largest impacts on pay. While it is clear to see the …

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