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Endeavour – the second of the three stages of retirement

In our previous article Retirement – the three stages we took a look at ‘Discovery’, the first stage of retirement proposed by the Commission for Financial Capability.  The ‘Discovery’ stage covered the ages 65 – 74.  The ‘Discovery’ stage is the early portion of retirement which for many is the ‘doing’ …

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Retirement – the three stages

I have been reading an interesting article on the Commission for Financial Capability website about the 3 stages of retirement which contains some really thought provoking information.  I’ve always thought of retirement as that magical age you reach, which until recently, you then had to leave work to ‘retire’.  Retirement means …

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Services that can help you enjoy your favourite TV programmes

Do you have trouble hearing or seeing your TV? Do you find it hard to distinguish the dialogue from the background music? Do you find it hard to see what’s happening when the programme is dimly lit? Able offers two free services to help you follow your favourite programmes better, …

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Technology making life easier

More and more technology systems are developed to enable us to access information and services online.  While some applications are only available on a PC, development of applications which are accessible via mobile devices such as smart phones (iPhones & Android cell phones)  and tablets (iPad etc) is now the norm.  This …

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