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CEA’s top tip: the downside of downlights

Have you ever wondered why some relatively modern homes can be so cold? This big problem may be due to a “little light”. Or rather lots of “little lights”. Downlights, “little lights” recessed into the ceiling, were once very popular as cheap option to modernize a home. However older style …

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CEA’s top tips series: Spring Cleaning

As the weather begins to warm up again, it’s a good time to think about some spring cleaning. Do you have mould on your curtains? Mix together 2-3 drops of oil of cloves spray with half a litre of water, and spray onto the affected area. Leave overnight, then take …

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Want to participate in a research study “valuing those that care for people with dementia or Alzheimers Disease”?

Other information: What is the Aim of the Project? Support workers and informal caregivers are a vital part of the wellbeing of people as they age.  Valuing and assisting this important group of workers is crucial. In this study we wish to find out about how and what makes support …

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Reflection – the third of the three stages of retirement

In our previous articles Retirement – the three stages  and Endeavour – the second of the three stages of retirement we took a look at the first two stages of retirement proposed by the Commission for Financial Capability.  The ‘Discovery’ stage covered the ages 65 – 74 and looks at the early portion …

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