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CEA’s Healthy Home Tips: Un-flued Gas Heaters

Heating provides warmth and comfort, especially during winter and those living in colder climates. However, using a un-flued LPG heater means releasing polluting gases directly into the air which can potentially harm your health. CEA recommends you do NOT use a un-flued LPG heater for this reason. What is a …

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Psychological Abuse

Since the majority of older adults live in domestic arrangements in their own homes or with their spouses, children, or siblings, this is the setting in which psychological abuse most frequently occurs. Although there is no single pattern of psychological abuse, it is reported that 90% of perpetrators of elder …

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CEA’s energy saving tip: This week we are talking about Insulation.

Did you know there are between 30,000 – 50,000 homes in Canterbury that are either not insulated or under-insulated? If your insulation was installed before 2000, CEA’s energy advisers recommend you get it checked, as old insulation may have compacted. And before 2000, thinner layers of insulation were installed than …

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CEA’s top tip: What to do with windows

Today we are looking at how to prevent moisture and heat loss from windows. Do you have single glazed windows, draughts or condensation? It is likely to be making your home less efficient and less healthy. DIY window kits are a cheap alternative to double glazing and helps alleviate draught …

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It is OK to ask Age Concern for help!

Media Release Age Concern is raising awareness of elder abuse during Elder Abuse Awareness Week from 15-22 June 2018 which begins on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June 2018. The main goal for Age Concern New Zealand is to make sure older people in distress or those feeling …

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What’s My Number?

Brr… there is no doubt that we are feeling the winter weather now! Thanks to the plummeting temperatures outside we are all spending a bit longer in the shower, making the switch from salad to a roast at dinner, turning that electric blanket on, and cranking that heating up to …

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