To Will or not to Will?

Many people put off making a Will - it’s almost as if making a Will acknowledges one’s own mortality! But if you die without a properly made Will, you are said to have died intestate and your estate will be settled according to the provisions of the Administration Act (“the Act”).

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The latest Where from Here handbook is out now

The release of the latest Where from Here He Ara Whakamua handbook – which covers the Upper South Island – marks more than 30 years of what is commonly referred to as the “older person’s bible.”

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Be alert to elder abuse and speak up

Elder abuse can be psychological, financial, physical or sexual. It affects both men and women. It occurs regardless of a person’s race, religion, class or sexual orientation. It takes many forms, such as verbal abuse or humiliation, physical harm, prevention of decision-making, denial of contact or social isolation. Age Concern …

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