Funny business when it comes to ethical and responsible investing

Greenwashing is giving a false impression or providing misleading information about the environmental status of a company or its products. These misleading or unsubstantiated claims deceive consumers into believing that a product or service is environmentally friendly or socially responsible. Although some of the environmental claims can be partly true, …

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Q&A: Retirement Commissioner Jane Wrightson

Jane Wrightson, our new Retirement Commissioner, tells Eldernet about her priorities for the role, and what she is looking forward to when her turn comes. What was it about the role of Retirement Commissioner that attracted you to it? I had a leadership background in media, regulation and industry advocacy …

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6 financial traps in the time of COVID-19

Like a pack of sharks who smell blood, the scammers are already circling. A decade or so ago, during the Global Financial Crisis, investment fraud and other consumer scams were rampant. Today it’s the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s no surprise the scammers are back in force to prey on people’s …

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