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How do you define “old age”?

“Age is only a number” But at what age does a person stop getting older and actually become old? When does old age begin? The answer to the above question is very complicated and it differs depending on who you ask, their culture, context, age and sex. This is for instance, illustrated even in …

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How to prepare for your death

Even with the best wills in the world, many people leave behind a mess when they shuffle off this mortal coil. Paul Little explores how to get your affairs in order. You’re dead. What’s the worst that could happen? After all, before you ceased to be, you made a will, …

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Investing in talent

We’re in the care business, and we pride ourselves on our people and their qualifications, skills and attitude. So what we’ve just done may strike you as unusual. If it does I’d like your feedback. We’ve signed up to an agreement called NZ Talent, which says that for a range …

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A Dame not worth a dime?

‘I don’t want to hear my voice, it is in the past… When I’m teaching young singers and hearing beautiful young fresh voices, I don’t want to put my voice next to theirs.’ This was Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, one of New Zealands most celebrated artist’s, announcement of her retirement …

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A Little Bit More Give and Take

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. – Leo Buscaglia Caregivers know this. There is no glory in being a …

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Ducks in a Row

I think we all hope to have all our ducks in a row by the time we are elderly and in need of care. Maybe we don’t give it a lot of thought until we’re getting closer. Or maybe it’s assumed someone else will take care of it? I remember …

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