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News articles published in the media relating to the older person community

Something needs to be done about banks’ monopoly over the livelihood of older people

It is reprehensible that the banks hadn’t come up with tangible solutions before cutting off the supply chain; it is the equivalent of destroying a bridge without first building a road to provide an alternative route of travel.

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Our changing health system is good news for all New Zealanders

This week, the Government announced major changes to New Zealand’s health system. The new health system aims to improve the quality and consistency of care for all New Zealanders, doing away with what has been known as ‘postcode’ health and giving people better health care no matter where they live. …

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Learning from people who came a cropper of NZ Super

ROB STOCK • MONEY AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS REPORTER This means either being taught about it, carefully reading the manual, and these days, watching some YouTube videos of professionals at work. Sadly, a “she’ll be right” attitude can lead to disaster. The same goes for financial tools, including the supposedly simple …

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Thousands of Kiwis with asthma & allergies may face stigma due to COVID-19 – Research

Health experts are concerned thousands of Kiwis living with asthma or allergies such as hay fever may face stigma with new research showing common symptoms of the disease may be inadvertently confused with those of COVID-19. Asthma is a non-contagious, respiratory disease that affects the airways in the lungs, and …

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What you need to know about COVID-19

With so much information around COVID-19 at the moment it is advisable to make sure you get accurate up to date information.  Here’s the link to the government’s COVID-19 site.  This website tells you everything you need to know on a variety of topics including self-isolation, essential businesses and financial …

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