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Cleaning your Dentures/Implant Dentures

Here are our recommendations for cleaning your dentures or implant dentures: Rinse your dentures after meals removing food remnants from their under-surfaces. Cleaning your dentures each day with a denture brush over a basin /sink partly filled with water or covered with a wet face-cloth / tea-towel. This is to prevent …

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Hearing aids and Devices; advice to make an informed choice.

Most of this information is from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Shop smart and do your research Choosing the right hearing aid and provider can be difficult. Before you buy a hearing aid you can protect yourself by being a smart shopper. Always do your research first. Compare offers, ask …

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Using Denture Adhesives

For special occasions, denture adhesives (like Polident or Steradent), in small amounts can be used to make your dentures more secure. Do not use denture adhesives with zinc in their product list, due to adverse medical effects. Polident and Steradent do not contain zinc. Denture adhesives should only be used …

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The picture perfect retirement

When people say you should save for retirement – what does that retirement look like in your head? Is it spending hours and hours lying on white sand beaches reading, travelling the world? Is it getting to spend time tinkering with the odd thing or two and spending time with …

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Is hearing loss effecting your memory?

Hearing loss is very common and it effects people of all ages. There are many reasons for hearing loss including hereditary factors, noise exposure, trauma and ear disease.  Hearing loss becomes more common as we age. Hearing loss is usually gradual. In the beginning, hearing loss takes away the beginning of …

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