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Are Robots taking over?

We all know that technology has come leaps and bounds over the last few decades. It was 10 years ago, that Apple first released their iPhone to the public. Now pretty much every second person has one. The same with computers – not long ago was it an unaffordable luxury …

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Regaining your mobility

There are a massive variety of mobility products available these days. It seems like every aspect of one’s life has been considered to help allow people with varying degrees of limited mobility to remain independent and improve their overall quality of life. Almost the first thing people think of when …

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Another ‘pair of ears’

Attending appointments with clients recently has highlighted how important it is for people to take someone with them to medical appointments, especially clinic and specialist appointments. When accompanying a client recently I quickly scribbled notes while the cardiologist talked to my client. The client turned to me a couple of …

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Steadying our minds while the ground is still shaking

What a week we’ve had – and it is only Wednesday! Most of the country experienced a rude awakening from mother nature on Sunday night, all too familiar for many of us in the South Island who have lived through the 2010/11 quakes and subsequent aftershocks. The sheer terror earthquakes …

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Physiotherapy on the move

When most people think about physiotherapy, they associate it with sports injuries or rehabilitation after surgery. While these are two very important components of the profession, they also do much more than that! Physiotherapists can help with a range of conditions and symptoms from Parkinson’s disease, stroke rehabilitation, falls prevention …

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