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Elder Abuse – Psychological abuse

What is Psychological abuse? Also referred to as emotional or mental abuse, it is as a result of a person subjecting or exposing another person to behaviour which causes anxiety, depression, stress or fear. Psychological abuse unlike physical abuse, often goes unseen and from the victim’s perspective it can cut deeper. …

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Elder Abuse – Risk Factors

Understanding the Risk Factors Understanding the risk factors of Elder Abuse and Neglect can help create a level of awareness where action can be taken.   The information provided here has been taken from the Ministry of Health Family Violence Intervention Guidelines – Elder Abuse and Neglect published in 2007.  The …

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Elder Abuse Awareness Week 15-22 June

Elder Abuse awareness

What is Elder Abuse? The United Nations and the World Health Organisation define elder abuse as, “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person“. Abuse can take many …

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Don’t leave it too late to get your influenza vaccination

Flu Immunisation

It’s easy to make excuses and justify why you don’t get vaccinated but Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, Dr Ramon Pink says the argument for vaccination is much stronger. “We often hear that people had the flu vaccination and then got the flu. The vaccination itself can’t give you the …

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NZ Older Peoples Oral Health Survey (2012) Report

  Background In 2012 the NZ Older People’s Oral Health Survey was conducted as part of the study into Older People’s Oral Health Issues.  This survey was the first nationwide survey to collect information on the oral health status of NZ older adults living in residential aged-care facilities, and older …

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Invitation to an Open Day at Burwood Hospital, Christchurch

Older Persons Health services at the New Burwood Hospital Years in the planning and building, Burwood Hospital will soon open its doors to celebrate the beginning of specialist older persons’ health care in Canterbury. In the new ward blocks of the recently constructed three-storey building, there will be increased Older …

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