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Some Egg-cellent ideas

You may know that older people need more protein but at the same time often struggle with digesting meat. Eggs are a nutritious protein source food that’s incredibly easy to digest, making them a great solution for getting enough protein. However, some research has found that most people over 60 …

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Food Fortification & Malnutrition

Malnutrition, in the form of undernutrition remains very prevalent in New Zealand, especially in the older population (1). It is a problem that is often under-recognised and under-treated with grave consequences (2). Malnutrition is described as ‘a state of nutrition in which a deficiency, excess or imbalance of a wide range …

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Enhancing our Meals with Food Fortification

When you think about malnutrition, heart wrenching images of extremely unhappy looking, thin, bony and famished individuals come to mind. Some years ago, while working as the Chief Dietitian in a hospital in the Sultanate of Oman, I worked with many malnourished children with these exact signs and symptoms. Fortunately …

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Eating Well this Winter

The wisdom “Let food be thy medicine” dates back almost 3000 years, and the importance of this statement is no less important now than it was then. The winter months can prove a nutritional challenge for some of us. Huddling in front of the fire and television on a wet, …

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The power of veggies

Keeping muscle mass and function is very important as you age. Typically as a muscle ages, it not only diminishes in size and strength, it also loses its aerobic capacity. This impacts on mobility and therefore, the ability to stay independent. The biological role of your muscles goes far beyond mobility. …

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Innovation in the snack business

The drive to create healthy, convenient products using natural ingredients, as well as environmentally friendly food wrap has drawn out a number of innovative Kiwi’s.  I was struck by several articles over the last week posted in the online news forum Stuff.co.nz,  where small businesses have emerged with simple ideas, often …

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