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3D Printed Food? What next?

Technology is has a big impact on how we live in this modern world, it is even revolutionizing how we make food! A Swedish town is planning to use technology to entice older people to eat more. Halmstad municipality on the west coast is planning to use 3D-printers to take …

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Reducing food waste

Food waste is a big problem in New Zealand. Every year Kiwis send approximately 122,547 tonnes of food to landfill, all of which could have been eaten. This is enough to feed the whole of Dunedin for two years. Food is wasted at all stages of the supply chain, from …

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Plant-based Eating

Blue Zones are geographical areas of the world where people live longer, healthier lives: Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Loma Linda, US; Nicoya, Costa Rica and Icaria, Greece. One thing common to Blue Zones is eating a 95% plant-based diet—a diet full of whole plant foods. It’s not about cutting out …

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How to get your taste buds talking

It’s a matter of taste Some people eat to live, others live to eat, but one thing is certain, if food tastes good, you’ll eat more of it! We all have personal food preferences. These are shaped by many influences including, our early food experience, culture and traditions. Above all, …

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A Very Merry Christmas for One

If you are on your own this Christmas, it can be hard to decide what to cook. However, eating alone doesn’t mean you have to forgo your Christmas meal, but rather it may take a slightly different form. Treat yourself. Choose something special, something that you don’t often get to …

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